Waste Management

Delatim is a licenced waste carrier and have procedures for the management of waste as part of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. When working as Principle Contractors we develop Site Waste Management Plans for each project and plan carefully how waste will be managed during the lifecycle of the project. When on site our trained and experienced site operatives understand and embrace our three step policy of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’.

First, employees should be aware of the value of materials they are using and use them efficiently and effectively. A highly trained operative will essentially generate less waste.

For every material that can be preserved and re-used, we potentially see a carbon saving that not even recycling can match. All products are evaluated for possible re-uses before being sent away for recycling.

Materials are separated prior to being sent for recycling. This increases the percentage of materials that can be recycled, and essentially lowers the amount of energy it takes to recycle as the external sorting process is minimised.

Through our understanding of legislation, best practice and through the use of equally committed partners, we are confident of maintaining our target of zero waste to landfill on our projects, which is supported by fully auditable processes. We can then provide our clients and partners with the comfort their projects are setting the highest standards within an industry that struggles to achieve a 100% recycling of waste.